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  • kingdonk
    Feb 28, 08:28 PM
    more server app setting and profile editor

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  • Sdashiki
    Oct 11, 10:02 AM

    I loved the game, but hated the ol' built to take your money mentality of some of the boss battles.

    Like The Simpsons game before it.


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  • -SD-
    Jul 14, 06:47 AM
    Well here we have it, an Amazon listing (http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B003UOSMDU?tag=gamersglobal-21) for the new Arcade S?

    If it turns out this is correct, then 4GB onboard memory is quite an upgrade over the 512MB in the previous incarnation. I'm convinced that the Arcade S will be glossy white. Amazon seem to have changed the page slightly, as it was showing a price of €148.99.


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  • Nym
    Nov 14, 02:02 PM
    He's 11 posts shy of the requirement.
    LOL, maybe i'll post 11 posts straight just to get in there!
    Just kidding :) (almost there)


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  • gngan
    Mar 28, 09:03 AM
    When does Apple usually release OSX after the WWDC? I am looking to get a MBP when Back to School Promotion is on (ie July-Aug).

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  • Ugg
    Apr 12, 05:57 PM
    If people are less likely to use a cashier who is an ethnic minority (which I dispute, but anyway), would that make them less productive and less valuable for their employer?

    So, if it is thought that an ethnic minority would actually do a job worse, because of other people's discrimination, then ethnicity technically would make a difference to their ability to do a job.

    Would this be grounds for not employing them?

    I just don't see that in real life and I think it would be almost impossible to prove in a court of law.

    My belief is that we need to move beyond skin color and towards a system where the economically repressed are given a better chance to move up the ladder of success.


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  • Phil A.
    Mar 17, 04:21 AM
    Wirelessly posted (iPhone 4: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    �6.00 an imperial gallon in the UK, which works out about $8 for each (smaller) US gallon

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  • hans-martijn
    Mar 8, 03:15 AM
    Push works AWESOME on Kerio Connect 7 to the iPhone, 6 worked great also. It uses an outlook connector for it's black magic. Email are generally pushed to and appear on my iPhone within a second of hitting the server.

    Before SLS I used mail server software on linux. The general idea was that Apple promoted SLS as THE server to use with an iPhone, which apparently isn't completely true. I don't think I want to pay a yearly subscription for another mail server again.


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  • jacg
    Sep 25, 04:58 PM
    I can display a 10,000 x 8.000 pixel picture on an iPod if I throw away 99% of the data as well. But why would you want to use such a huge file for no reason? Not only would it take up vast amounts of space, but you have to process all that "throwing away" info on the fly.

    The new videos take longer for you to download, use more storage space on the iPod, require the iPod to downsample at playback, and cost Apple more bandwidth.

    So why would Apple do all this if they weren't in fact planing to USE the new format on an iPod? Soem may say "it's for rregular Macs", but this size is too SMALL for to build a new standard for computers. So the only conclusion I can reach is that it has to be for a new iPod to come...

    Front Row? iTV?

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  • uberamd
    Jun 14, 05:24 PM
    What the heck are all of the USB ports for?


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  • tsolt
    Feb 18, 03:33 PM
    Steve does not look too good. He looks rather skinny.

    Thats what I thought.

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  • Eraserhead
    Jun 1, 10:52 AM
    So if there are no further objections by next weekend can we begin?


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  • MovieCutter
    Sep 27, 12:46 PM
    Me too. And I wish Safari had a "Sure you want to quit?" dialog box for those times when we accidentally do a Command + Q in it.

    It does in Leopard...

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  • jackieonasses
    Feb 16, 10:38 PM
    I apologize if this has been covered before but as a new switcher to the Mac I was wondering if simply dragging a folder from Applications and deleting the preferences are enough for a complete uninstall. From years of working with Windows I've come to expect that programs cannot completely be removed even with uninstallers unless a manual search and destroy is initiated or a cleaner is used. Either the program would leave .dll files in the /system directory or there would be long-lived entries in the windows registry. Do any of these situations exist on the mac or have my years as a Windows user corrupted my thinking? Is there something akin to the registry on OS X? If the program comes with an un-installer, use it. If not Just drag it to the trash. It is done.



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  • {1984}
    Sep 23, 08:37 PM
    i guess everyone knows about the whole "MHz myth" thing...
    Reason for G4 processors killing the Pentium 4 is cuz of the pipeline and i'm not gonna bother cuz everyone probably knows...

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  • aaron4osu
    Apr 16, 12:34 PM
    I'm trying to learn SQL and want to set up a very simple database on my computer to run SQL statements(create tables, run queries, etc..). I've downloaded querious, razorSQL, but can figure out how to set them up. Hostname, port, etc...

    Isn't there a simple environment to do something like this. I've tried several tutorials on setting up mysql from the terminal but never got that to work either.


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  • monaarts
    Apr 5, 08:56 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    It would be pretty bad ass if the entire screen worked as a button (like the trackpad) so you can go home. You tap the screen to select something or click the screen to go home. :-D

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  • dernhelm
    Mar 24, 02:04 PM
    I think Steve would take issue with that statement.

    Being a CEO doesn't mean you own the company.

    I support veterans and families, they risk their lives and the government screws them over, but I cannot condone the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    Did you vote for Barack Obama? He supports the violence in Afghanistan, he even increased it.

    But back on topic. I think it's smart for the military to review the kit they are deploying down to the soldiers on the ground. They should be doing that far more often than they do. But you can't read too much into it. The Army especially requires a lot of kit of the type that Apple currently doesn't sell (PCs in the category of the Panasonic Toughbooks for example).

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  • JodyK
    Jun 15, 10:07 PM
    I have been saying for years this is going to happen and I can't be more excited!

    Oct 26, 06:18 PM
    Shows how busy it was

    We bought a macbook and printer, and as we were leaving I asked the guy serving us if Vista was in the box and he said yes:D:D:D

    Nov 2, 03:30 PM
    The important pieces to note about the marketshare is that this definitely is coming from switchers, not from upgraders. If you look at the data, you will see that it's broken up between MacOS and MacIntel. The data for MacOS is just PPC people, and that actually remained constant throughout the year:

    while the marketshare for MacIntel has been a nice parabolic curve:

    for full information go here:http://marketshare.hitslink.com/report.aspx?qprid=2

    Oct 16, 05:31 PM
    I would love to see a 4gb nano phone which qwerty keyboard, 3mp camera, wi-fi and GPS

    iPhone Pro would be a good name

    Sep 21, 09:43 PM
    Originally posted by cr2sh
    Fine, lets just assume that a 800mhz imac and a 1.8gigahertz dell are similar in performance, equiptment and cost... this thread is about speed.....


    the g4 cannot beat the p4 in performance....
    Granted www.cpuscorecard.com doesn't really clarify what benchmarks they use, but in their estimation, a dual 1.25GHz Mac beats a 2.4 Ghz P4 by a hair, and is just a little behind a 2.8 GHz P4. Likewise, a 800MHz G4 is very comparable to a 1.8 Ghz P4. The important thing that I see in this ranking is that in perusing the rest of this website, the people who came up with these ratings do not look to be particularly Mac friendly.

    Based on this, I would have to disagree with your assertion that "the g4 cannot beat the p4 in performance", unless your only criteria for performance is sheer GHz speed. It seems to me that at the high end, the two chips are at least competitive, and in the middle of the pack, I would say that Macs are a better buy.

    May 3, 09:46 PM
    The thing is that OS X uses OpenGl, where Windows uses DirectX.

    Yes this is partially the reason. The other reason is that Apple refuses to even allow the option of current generation video cards in their products. Even when they upgrade they are often not top of the line. The best card on the imac you can get is capped at 512MB which was starting to be a small amount of video memory even back in 2006. I think a current generation gpu should at least be offered as an option.

    Plus while in the b.net menus, I can resize with apple + m, and open safari real quick, yet still be in the game.

    Yes Windows has had "minimize" too for many many years. Just press Alt-Tab, this is not exclusive to OS-X.

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